CrossFit is the classic “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at a relative high intensity”. This class provides more variety in movement selection, a deeper understanding of your energy systems, and increased complexity with progressive gymnastics & Olympic lifts. There is the assumption you know the basic movements, so more time is spent working advanced training techniques & application of all skills into new methods. Variation aside, this is still a progression based system with designed 8 week program arcs to intelligently improve you in all aspects of your fitness. Day Care available at 5:30 & 6:30 Mon-Thurs.


When you start your journey at High Voltage, we want to give the most solid foundation possible – that’s why our ‘Fitness’ classes are specifically designed with new members in mind! Fitness class is similar to CrossFit class, with a strength training component, followed by a metabolic conditioning (met-con) or WOD. The programming is much less dense with more time spent on how to do each of the 9 foundational movements, and the pace is more universal. You won’t see any Olympic lifts or high level gymnastics, and this class is intended to graduate members to regular CrossFit classes.


Fusion class is a long form, aerobically based program that includes mostly body weight, mono-structural, or light resistance training. You’ll see things like dumbbells, kettlebells, & medicine balls, but there are no barbell movements or heavy lifting in this class. This is often an introduction to movement for many, and is about consistency with safe technique – plus getting a good sweat! Experienced CrossFitter? This class is essential for you to keep an aerobic base and maintain your engine.


This class time is available to service many stay at home parents, or anyone who needs to take an hour for themselves each day to get their fitness in, and set a good example for their families. Falling somewhere between Fitness & CrossFit class, you’ll see more advanced elements than you will in the Fitness class, but with extra time spent on implementation and instruction than a regular CrossFit class. Don’t let the name fool you- it has more to do with the time of day than the program. This class is no joke, and this group is fierce! Day Care is offered for this class time.

Personalized Training & Individualized Program Design

Personal Training (PT) is private one on one instruction and programming for an individual, small group or family. This can be done during any regular Open Gym hours, as well as when the gym is closed by appointment. Individualized Program Design (IPD) is supplemental strength, conditioning, skill, or any other athletic work that is assigned to a member outside of our regular class group programming. This may be work that is done in addition to, or in lieu of our regular programming. The design is to help a member with a specific skill they are working on, to build additional strength, or reach a particular goal.

Olympic Drills For Skills

This class focuses on the three Olympic Weightlifting movements: the clean, the jerk, & the snatch. Each class is 90 minutes spent on one lift breaking down these elegant & intricate movements into manageable pieces to set you up for success for these complicated skills. By integrating individual pieces with innovative drills that use volume rather than weight, you’ll have the time to practice & refine before putting it all together. Using reliable exercises & teaching methods, we break down the confusion and give you the keys to unlock the rewarding & enriching world of these amazing lifts.

Shred Sesh

This class is offered once weekly on Saturday mornings, and is a lot more like traditional gym workouts. Isolation exercises, body composition, isometric holds, & uni-lateral training. We use functional body building methodologies & techniques to build control, confidence, & stability to your body.


This class implements things that are more like what you’ll encounter in real life. Lifting odd objects, midline stabilization (that’s abs!), asymmetric exercises (one side at a time), balance, stamina, and a myriad of other cool new ways to move! Sandbags, weighted carrying, sled pulling & pushing, tire flips, stone & keg work, sledgehammers, the list goes on…and don’t forget you get to enjoy the awesome California weather more with this class!


This class is designed to help athletes at the higher levels of our sport. Programming focuses on elements that generally occur in competition, while at the same time providing a balanced base to be ready for anything. Since it is an advanced class, members must test in by passing the ‘Trial by Fire’ WOD with the prescribed weights under the time limit to participate. Using our most advanced and progressive training methods available, the acceleration of your skills & rewards are incredible.

CrossFit Kids/Teens

Crossfit Kids combines gymnastics & body weight movements to develop a broad foundation of fitness that nurtures their neurological development as much as their physical development. With additional emphasis on bone density and vestibular elements, our main priority is to always pair fitness with FUN to encourage a lifelong relationship with health and wellness.

Open Gym

For members who can’t make it at one of our regular class times, but still want to follow CFHV’s programming. It also includes members who are following individualized program design (IPD) or personal training (PT), or those who just want to get in some extra supplementary work under the guidance of one of our coaches.