Cardio Fusion

High Voltage FUSION! 

Cardio & Getting Shredded using Max Aerobic Power Training!


The newest program at High Voltage is the sweatiest…body shreddiest one we’ve had yet!

Fusion combines: 

  • high intensity cardio training, functional movement resistance training to get you that never stop energy!
  • Max Aerobic Power endurance training protocols to keep you lean, but not make you slow…
  • Upbeat Classes taught by motivational Coaches in an atmosphere designed to help you push yourself past your goals!
  • Light a fire in your training and develop the ‘can do’ attitude…

Because you CAN keep going! 

Because you CAN reach your goals! 


How does Fusion Work?

Increase your cardio with our workouts scientifically designed to maximize your VO2 max AND fatloss

Increase the benefits of training AFTER you leave your session – our program is designed to make the 1 hour in the gym work for the other 23 hours of the day.

Increase your overall fitness! Our workouts are designed to be done by anyone and everyone!

Light weight, higher repetition, never stop moving workouts!

We use Kettle-bells, Light-weight Medicine Balls & Slam Balls/ Concept 2 Rowing Machines /Jump Ropes/ Suspension Units/ Your Awesome Body/and a bunch more!

Endurance, Strength, & Power, all into ONE!

Body composition focused…and yeah – that can mean weight loss for you if you want it too. 


The Science Behind It

Fusion uses the ‘max aerobic power’ training methodology to get the most out of your cardio sessions.

No more Loooong….slooooow…..boring cardio sesh’s…

And heavy lifting isn’t for you?

We use our ‘maximum aerobic power’ to keep you working at 85% for several varied intervals the entire session.

The intervals vary in range from 1 min to 10 min sets…and use ‘hormonal stacking’ to get all the body composition benefits of hours & hours of training…in under 1 hour.