Crossfit Kids & Teens

The commitment to our children’s health and wellness is quite literally the greatest gift and life skill that we can give them.  Setting them up with a solid foundation of fitness from an early age ensures them a lifetime of success as it nurtures their neurological development as much as their physical development.


This CrossFit Teens course will safely build your child’s strength, speed, coordination, and confidence.

Proper technique is continually emphasized while working through a fun, challenging mix of basic gymnastics, short to medium duration endurance training and strength work using dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and the barbell.

AGE: 12-17
WHEN: Monday & Wednesday
TIME: 3:30pm-4:30pm
1x/week – $75
2x/week – $115
(Siblings Discount: 10% OFF)


Our #1 priority with CrossFit Kids is making sure your child has a safe place where they can be themselves, have a ton of fun, make some friends, get an awesome workout, and learn something along the way.

Each class will have a specific skill focus, fun workout, and an exciting game finisher that will be sure to leave them loving the idea of exercise.

AGE: 7-11
Thursday – 3:30pm-4:15pm
Saturday – 9:00am-9:45am
1x/week – $60
2x/week – $99
(Siblings Discount: 10% OFF)


Our SPARKS Program is dedicated to teach our PreSchool Athletes that fitness is about having fun!

Classes are primarily game based with movements that translate directly into what kids do every day in play: running, jumping, climbing, throwing, pushing and pulling.

AGE: 3-6
Saturday – 10:00am-`10:30am
8 Week Semester: $99
(Siblings Discount: 10% OFF)


How do I know which age group is best for my child?

Please note that it is not the age of your child that is the deciding factor for what class they attend. It is based upon individual skill, athleticism, and maturity to ensure your child is getting the most out of their CrossFit experience.

How do I sign my child up?

Please contact our Program Directors about your interest in signing your child up.

CrossFit Teens: Coach Travis

CrossFit Kids & SPARKS: Coach Deb

What should my child bring or wear?

Each child should have a water bottle labeled with his or her name and should come dressed in clothing appropriate for jumping, running, climbing, and being upside down.

Do I need to stay during the CrossFit Kids?

For our CrossFit Kids Class ONLY, it is preferred that a parent/or guardian stay on the premises at all times. If a rare occasion arises that this is not possible or that one parent will be dropping off a child and the other will be picking him/her up, please inform the coach.

Is it required that my child have a minimum level of fitness in order to participate?

There is no requirement on a minimum level of fitness in order to participate. We love working with beginners and our workouts are designed to be adaptable for all body shapes, sizes and ability levels. Our coaches have years of experience with working with beginners and are capable of scaling any workout to your child’s needs.

What does a CrossFit Kids Class look like?

Classes are primarily game based, incorporating our Spotlight movement of the day along with movements that translate directly into what kids do every day in play: running, jumping, climbing, throwing, pushing and pulling. Classes will be 45 minutes in length and include a warm up, Spotlight Skill Work, the Wildcard (where anything is possible!), and our Game Finisher that will be sure to leave them loving the idea of exercise.

What does a CrossFit Teens Class look like?

This class will be challenging, but with that challenge will come great reward. These classes will be 60 minutes in length and structured similarly to our adult CrossFit classes. This class will set your teen up for success by giving them frequent opportunities to conquer new skills, build substantial strength, and most importantly, have an awesome experience they can hold on to for the rest of their lives.

My child doesn’t play any sports, how would they benefit from CrossFit?

Keep in mind that CrossFit training isn’t only for athletes. Even if your child isn’t interested in sports, CrossFit helps participants gain general physical skills, strength and conditioning as well as mobility and flexibility. Beyond the physical changes, kids gain confidence in their abilities to move their bodies, become more sure of themselves, and are able to rise to challenges. Since the atmosphere is supportive and encouraging, kids learn to cheer for and motivate others in the class- it is truly a team environment where improvement is the most important goal.

What kind of kids benefit from CrossFit Kids & Teens?

CrossFit Kids is beneficial for kids and teens already physically active and involved in sports AND for those who have no previous experience. It is an excellent way to develop and increase fitness, to improve balance, coordination and agility, and to participate in team work… all in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Will my child be lifting weights?

For CrossFit Kids we include weightlifting elements (unloaded) to develop a broad foundation of fitness.

For CrossFit Teens classes, weighted movements are incorporated in the workouts at the discretion of the CrossFit Coach. Emphasis is placed on perfecting form as opposed to adding weight. As always, training will be done methodically, progressively, and with safety at the forefront.

Is weightlifting safe for children?

Weightlifting allows our kids to be successful and safe. It is, by design, the art of moving an object without injuring oneself. Children, who engage in weightlifting, learn the proper fundamentals when they are young enough to still be developing neural pathways. Motor recruitment patterns become engrained movements for life. They will be able to draw on those patterns to become better athletes and safer individuals, coordinated and able to lift objects safely whether in sport or daily life. The task, then, is to create a template for safe and effective weight training.


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