Personal Training

$55 - 125 / hour
On-Site: Personal Coaching

– 1 on 1. In-Person. Hands On

– Your Personal Coach

– Program Design. Implementation.

– Expertly Oversees Your Training

$59 - 79 / month
Custom Program Design: Supplemental

– 2-3 Days Per Week

– Individualized Skill/Strength/Energy System Work

– Designed to fit your current training schedule

– On your own or at the box.

– Current CFHV Clients Only

$199 - 299 / month
Custom Program Design

– Full individual program design

– On-Site or Off-Site

– Specific to your needs, goals, strengths & limitations.

How do I know if a personalized approach could work for me?
  • Have you been doing the scaled movements for too long?
  • Still stuck on bands?
  • Still doing singles instead double-unders?
  • Overhead squats pissing you off?
  • Baffled by the olympic lifts [Snatch/Clean & Jerk] & are ready to tackle them?
  • Don’t know the difference between a false grip and a hook grip?
  • Do you skip the running WODs [and secretly want to run a 10k]?
  • Do you avoid workouts when they have something that you hate?
  • Embarrassed that you STILL can’t do [INSERT SKILL HERE]?
  • Do you keep making quarterly goals and not meeting them?
  • Wish you were in the muscle-up club?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions?

Then why are you not letting us help you?!?!?



Take your training to the next level with personalized training.
We offer several types of personalized training to help you reach your specific goals FASTER!



Customized Coaching
[On-Site, Hands-On, In-Person]
  • Work on the things you need to work on to unleash your full potential.
  • Each personal training session is centered around your specific goals and challenges.
  • We take the time to understand what you want, and what’s stopping you.
  • Together we’ll work on overcoming your obstacles, and unleash your full potential!

Rates available for Members & Non-Members, ranging from $55 -$125 per hour


Customized Programming
[On-Site/Off-Site – Distance Coaching]

Whether it’s a small, supplemental program to progressively train an area you want to improve in, or a full, comprehensive Individual Program Design, we’ve got you covered!

  • For on-site or off-site athletes
  • Full program design specific to goals
  • Program Review and ongoing adjustments made as needed
  • Ongoing email correspondence and phone/skype/in-person meeting every 6 weeks
  • Access to gym for on-site athletes

Did you know that High Voltage provides customized programming solutions for athletes all across the US?

Rates available for Non-Members & Current Members

We offer supplemental individualized program design for current clients [2-3x per week] to enhance your current training, and full program design for off-site & on-site athletes.


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