ALL NEW Thursdays!

ALL NEW Thursdays!

ALL NEW Thursdays!

Comin at ya hot with all the new thangs!

First off, I want to let you all in on a little change up for our regularly scheduled Thursday programming.

Traditionally we’ve had an extended gymnastics skill portion to kick the class off, followed by supplemental core work, and finished off with a lung burner or anaerobic repeat session.

This training is SO important, and typically by Thursdays we’re all pretty beat up from Monday through Wednesday’s training, so we could use a dedicated recovery & skill work day.

Everybody’s schedule is different though, so not everybody is ready for that type of training specific to Thursday.  Some of you are fresh or may have missed days previous in the week, so you’re ready to hit it hard!

Moving forward, Thursdays will be more like any other regular CrossFit class.  A strength, technique, & development portion, followed by a WOD.

We’ll still get in the above mentioned training, but it will be split up more throughout the week and peppered into all of the days.

If you’re tired and need a rest & recovery day, then take it!  We just won’t be scheduling it on a specific day.

This gives you more ownership of your fitness training, while simultaneously allowing those of you who still want hit it hard to do so!

Thursday’s Training:


**If you missed A,B, or C from Tuesday, or A from Wednesday, make it up instead of doing A today.  Those numbers will be important for the next 8 week training cycle.**

3 sets done in a circuit:
A1) 8 Bent over chinese db row @3110
A2) 15-20 UB reverse snow angel
A3) faceup chinese plank max hold; :60 cap

WOD: 10 min AMRAP:
200m run
4 bar muscle ups

rest 5 min

8 min AMRAP:
50 double unders
10 SA DB thrusters (50/35#)


A: BARBELL TECHNIQUE – Shoulder Press & Push Press

3 WORK SETS: Focus on stable OH receiving position
A1: BB Shoulder Press x 6 Reps; rest 20 sec
A2: BB Push Press x 10 Reps @ 20X2 (same load); rest 60 sec


500 M ROW