NEW program starts today, plus BONUS announcement!

NEW program starts today, plus BONUS announcement!

NEW program starts today, plus BONUS announcement!

CFHV In House Throw Down:

In case you hadn’t heard, we’re having a competition on July 22!  Check out all the details in Friday’s blog here:

NEW Program starts TODAY!:

It’s finally here, our next 8 week block program design! Make sure you read to the end for a BONUS announcement!

We’ve just finished our last 8 week cycle which focused on uni-lateral movements & balance. Hopefully you learned a lot about your own body and that symmetry in your motion is not only important for being able to move the most weight, but even more importantly to do it safely.

Now that you’ve all done the work and built the foundation, it’s time that we’ve earned some of the more fun & challenging parts to training.

We continue the format of Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays being geared toward progressive strength cycles, while our Oly day will be Tuesdays, & Thursdays will be energy system training.

That isn’t to say that those days are exclusive to those items, that will just be the focus.  The program is designed for you to be able to come every day and not burn out or over train.

The primary movements we will focus on for each day in June & July break down like this:

  • Mondays: back squat (posterior strength) & chin-up (upper body vertical pull)
  • Tuesdays: the snatch
  • Wednesdays: front squat (anterior strength, posterior stabilization) & strict / push press (upper body vertical press)
  • Thursdays: energy system training

Fridays will continue to focus on a barbell strength format.  The idea is that we focus on strength training and unorthodox movements we don’t get to do as often in regular weekday training.

All of the components seen on Friday will work in unison to support the rest of the week’s training, so expect to see things like: overhead squat, snatch grip deadlift, snatch extensions, etc…

Tire flips, & farmer’s or sandbag carry are great opportunities to continue training outside. The WOD on Fridays will typically just be a quick 3-5 minute anaerobic piece at the end.

Let’s not forget our JUNE MONTHLY CHALLENGE.  This will change every month, you can post your progress on the side whiteboard, and it will always coincide with our bi-monthly event.

Our JUNE monthly challenge works as follows:

  • Accumulate as many meters as possible object carry
  • You may carry any object you’d like: kettle bell, dumbbell, sand bag, wall ball, slam ball, best friend, etc…
  • Do as many meters as you want, as many days as you want, just be consistent and keep adding to your monthly total.

So there it is!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Don’t forget that you can log into your account on the website or via the mobile app to view the WODs at 7pm each night.

All you have to do is login to the member portal and then click Workouts. If you don’t know your password, then click the forgot password when trying to login.


Get the mobile app and login with those same credentials!




Since our all new programming for the last 8 week cycle for CrossFit classes was met with such major success, we’ve now upgraded ALL programs!

What does that mean?

momWOD, Fitness, Fusion, & Shred Sesh have now gotten their very own new programming cycles!  Same exact classes and format that you know, trust, & love…nothing is changing there. They’ve just been upgraded to involve some new movements, new tools & equipment, and methodologies to help you become your best self ever.  Pretty awesome!

Have a great week!