Rumble recap and a MAJOR week ahead!

Rumble recap and a MAJOR week ahead!

Rumble recap and a MAJOR week ahead!

What an amazing rumble it was! I can barely even think where to begin with all of the great moments we had at “Rumble in the Box” on Saturday.

For starters, you all came out in force!  I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the gym that packed.  Not just our everyday community, but all the extended community of your family & friends.  One of my favorite things I get to experience every day is seeing how you all support each other, but seeing how supportive all of your family & friends were over-filled my heart with pride.

We’ve built something really special here at CrossFit High Voltage, and it’s only possible because you each share it with others in your circle.  The truth is, growing is all about word of mouth, and without you all spreading the love and showing people how awesome of a time we get to have…it just wouldn’t be possible.

Anyway, we had 27 teams, so that’s 54 of you just competing alone!  There must’ve been another 100 people easy, so it was pretty awe-inspiring.  I’m also really proud of how respectful everybody was of each other, the limited space, and that blazing heat of that SoCal Summer.

Everybody minded the judges and played fair- it says a lot about the integrity of CFHV.  That’s the kind of gym I want to be known for and the legacy I want to follow our reputation.

Speaking of those judges, a final thank you to: Nestor, Maggie, Mo, Dionisio, Deb, & Ray.  They all volunteered the ENTIRE day with pretty much no break to keep the equipment moving, heats all judged, and the event on time.  We finished just 15 minutes after our original schedule.  With the incredible logistics of an event this big, that’s really something!

There will be a ton of highlights in a forthcoming photo album (our photog shot near 3000 images!) but let me share a few memories that stick out off the top of my head…

It was awesome to see a lot of first time competitors- many who had never even done an Open WOD, and some who had never met each other before that day!  We also got to see some good clean fun, and heated competition.  The final heat of RX division was crazy, as the final 5 battled it out to see who would take the podium.

Ultimately we had a tie for 1st place between Jackie & Andrew and Moe & Ally.  It came down to who had more 1st place finishes out of the three events, and ultimately it went to Jackie & Andrew with their two first place finishes.

Overall every competitor really gave their all and never gave up.  In WOD 2 when the all the fellas in every heat of both divisions were getting gassed, it was pretty great to see you ladies keeping them in the fight and encouraging them to continue.

I think we’ll all remember an 8 month pregnant Arielle Zieja making quick work of the 95# sandbag, propelling her team to finish 100m of the bear hug carry.  Let’s not forget she wasn’t the only pregnant competitor- we also had Diana Gomez holding it down and rocking out every WOD like a boss too!

Over in the snatch ladder event, there were a number of awesome PRs and/or 90%+ lifts that you all were nailing! It was my hope that by having our snatch cycle this last 8 weeks it would prepare you all for this event, and the proof is  in the progress.  Don’t forget that we ALL will be testing our 1RM this Tuesday.

That leads me to this week.  It’s week 8 of this cycle, and the final week of this program.  That means we get the opportunity to test all of our hard work.  We’ll be testing our back squat, snatch, front squat, chin-up, and strict press.  We’ll also be testing our aerobic & anaerobic energy systems.  You ARE ready!

We’ve trained for this, and the great thing about testing is that it won’t take too much out of you for the next day.

Indeed this whole week is the start of something new.  the next level, an evolution.  Why?  Because after an awesome week we have the return of Oly class, a NEW ages 3-6 CrossFit Sparks class, and the RETURN of our advanced “Firebreather’s Class” all on Saturday.

It’s going to be an exciting week!