Community Night out and other news!

Community Night out and other news!

Community Night out and other news!

Natural Disasters Fundraiser:

On September 30, CFHV will be hosting a very special event at our gym.  It was originally going to be a fundraiser for those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, but in lieu of Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose, & wildfires raging here and all over the US, we’re thinking a little bigger.

We’ll be having a fun event where you can all come and participate, regardless of your ability level to help those in need.  The idea is to have a few challenges that you, your friends & family can participate in.  Your performance can directly influence the funds raised to go to the right place.  All proceeds will go to help CrossFit gyms affected by these horrible tragedies.

We’re looking for companies to match donations or even just contribute to the day or cause in any way, so if your business or one that you work for may want to help out, let us know!

NEW Skills Class:

Starting Saturday, October 7 @ 10am I am pleased to introduce our newest specialty cycle: Skills Class.

Ever wonder how you’ll nail those difficult higher level skills? That first pull-up, muscle-up, or handstand push-ups.  Double-unders, rope climbs, pistols, & even better rowing technique.

We will focus on one of these skills per week, and at the end of each class we’ll include a WOD to utilize your newly learned skill.

 8:30pm Class Final Month:

September is the final month for the 8:30pm class time on Mondays & Wednesdays.  We’ve run it for about 6 months now and it’s had a little trouble finding it’s legs.  The answer is to better utilize those resources elsewhere for now.

If YOU want this class to stay on the schedule, NOW is the time to step up and use it!

ITP (Instructor Training Program) Info Meeting:

The response to the announcement of this program has been overwhelming! I’ve received many letters of intention from those of you interested, and on Thursday, September 21 @ 7pm I will be having an info meeting to discuss the program.

Ever thought of becoming a CrossFit Coach?  Come to this meeting and find out all about our Instructor Training Program.  I’ll lay out all of the details, requirements, & timelines.

No pressure or commitments at this meeting, just come find out what to expect and if ITP might be right for you! ITP officially kicks off Thursday, October 5!

Monthly Community Night Out:

So many of us come and go so quickly to and from the gym that we don’t always have the time to get to know each other a little better. That’s why starting this month, and on the 3rd Wednesday of every month we will have a community night out!

We’ll meet at a local bar or restaurant, maybe a comedy club or a movie theater, the batting cages around the corner or the bowling alley.

Once a month come meet up outside of CFHV, meet new friends, get to know current ones better, and have some fun…and all in time to make it to work the next day!

First one will be Wednesday, September 27 with the date & time to be announced this coming week as we lock it down.

We hope to see you all there!

Schedule this Weekend:

Saturday @ 8am: Firebreather’s Class (advanced & requires test-in)
Saturday @ 9am: CrossFit Kids (ages 8-12)
Saturday @ 9am: Shred Sesh
Saturday @ 10am: CrossFit Sparks (ages 3-7)
Saturday @ 10am: Olympic Drills for Skills (only 2 weeks left!)
Saturday @ 11:30-1:30: Open Gym
Sunday @ 10am: Energizer Long WOD