Friendsgiving- Our next BIG event!

Friendsgiving- Our next BIG event!

Friendsgiving- Our next BIG event!


Our Parent’s Night Out was a pretty amazing success this past weekend.  Over 20 kids came to play, bounce, have food & snacks, watch a movie, and even learn a thing or two!  Major shout outs to Chico, Coach Dizzle, Coach Deb, Coach Dessi, Nicolette, & Daniel for wrangling the energy and making sure it was not only great amounts of fun, but also safe.

That leads me into:

Who:  All CFHV members, family, friends, & alumni!


Where:  CrossFit High Voltage, 219 W. Palm Av., Burbank, CA 91502

When: THIS SATURDAY, November 18, from 5-8pm

How:  Bring some food & drink to share- it’s potluck style! We’ll obviously provide some basics, but we’d love to see your creativity with food and taste some of those home-made recipes.

Why: One of the best ways to bond is over a meal, and it’s the perfect time of year to spread some cheer and enjoy each other’s company. Once a month we have a Community building event, and this month it’s Friends-giving!

I really don’t believe we’re just a Community here at CFHV, I consider it family.  It’s my favorite part of coming in every day, and it’s each and every one of you that make it so special.

I would really love to see as many of you there as possible- so let’s start a movement!  Start talking about recipes, sharing ideas, and getting hungry. Talk to each other, make plans, and make it a huge turn-out.

Dont’ forget that SFH visits CFHV TODAY, November 13 from 4-7pm. They’ll be here to answer all of your questions about fish oil & protein supplementation, and provide samples to you.  The perfect follow up to our Nutrition Workshop!

This is the final week of the current 8 week cycle.  Get pumped!

We test our Front Squat on Monday, our Clean on Tuesday along with benchmark “Elizabeth”, and Back Squats & Ring Dips on Wednesday.  It’s going to be a great week!