Building a great team

Building a great team

Building a great team

This weekend we had our Annual Coach’s Holiday Dinner, and once again it was a really great time! (We missed you Coach Josh & Coach Bryan!)

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing team that has every one of our member’s best interests at heart.  They are the ones on the front lines making sure to carry out the vision of the gym and help each of you in meeting your goals every day.

Our programs can be complex, dense, & challenging at times, but I’m always so impressed at the level of professionalism & care they display while guiding our community. I can trust every one of them to keep you safe as you progress on your journey.

The people you see in this photo work hard as a team to allow me the freedom to be able to create and design a path for our community and programming. I can’t possibly thank them enough, and make sure you give each of them a high-five and a “yeah buddy” when you see them in the gym this week!

The Coach’s dinner also means wrapping this year up…but looking forward to the next one! There are so many new and exciting things headed your way in 2018, I can hardly contain my excitement!

Our gym continues to grow and improve each day, and every time I think we’re near the pinnacle of achievement, I am amazed and surprised at all of the great new ways we find to bring you an even better experience.

Stay focused these last few weeks, and lets finish the year strong!