The Warriors

The Warriors

The Warriors

We had quite an exciting weekend with a strong showing of community members supporting one another.

Coach Derrick first approached me way back in the Summer and asked if he could put together a team with Patrick Caneday to attend the Spartan Sprint that took place this past weekend.  It seemed like a long time away back then, but here we are with 12 of our members successfully completing this exciting race.

They’ve been training hard, having special practice sessions, refining their skills, and building the aerobic engine necessary to tackle this challenge…but that isn’t the only thing they were building.  They built a friendship & a camaraderie outside of the gym. It’s a great mix of our community from lots of class times, which is something I love to see.

Judging from the smiles on their faces, Matt, Danetta, Dominic, Liz, Derrick, Artem, Will, Patrick, Julie, Leslie, Monica, & Johnny had a pretty great time supporting one another and representing CFHV in Los Angeles.  We also had member John Rigelhof participate in the event with his regular Spartan group, wrapping up his “Triple Crown” of Spartan events this year!

What really blew my mind is that not only did these athletes support each other, but a number of them actually came out in the morning BEFORE their event to support some of our other athletes that were competing in The Winter Classic, put on by Coach Josh Murillo & hosted at CFHV.

…and how did that turn out?

First off, a major congratulations to all three of our athletes: Matt Capron, Brittany Berryman, & Brian Bertino.  This competition was no joke and brought out some of the best athletes from CrossFit gyms all over the Los Angeles area- some of them even Regionals competitors!

It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there as an individual competitor, and I’m very thankful to each of them for having the courage and representing CFHV very proudly. They each gave an incredible effort and performed to their best potential.

As a former competitor myself, I know that you learn a lot about yourself at these things.  I know they’ll take these lessons and use them to continue to refine and improve their training.

…but enough talk.  How’d they do??

We had two athletes podium! Matt Capron took 3rd place in the Men’s Intermediate Division!

Brittany Berryman took 1st place in Women’s Intermediate Division!

Great job again to all three athletes. I also want to give a big congratulations to Coach Josh Murillo for putting on a fantastic event. Also a big thank you to all of our members who volunteered to be judges: Jeff Hopkins, Frank Balbuena, Deb Serpas, Katrina Villegas, Robin Reader, & Bryan Felix. Finally, thanks to all of our community members who came out to help support, cheer, and make it a great event.

It was a great weekend all around, and guess what?

We have another great week headed our way this week with our Annual Holiday Party on Saturday!