Member Spotlight: Ray Johnston

Member Spotlight: Ray Johnston

Member Spotlight: Ray Johnston

Today’s feature has been one of my favorite people pretty much since the day she found her way here. She’s been such a light for this gym in 2017 and brought SO many new members & friends our way.

Her constant support and belief in me & CFHV has been a foundation, and her filthy mouth & irreverent attitude in class has kept things fun & fresh.

She’s just coming off of her “Biggest Comeback” Award for 2017, and so it’s fitting this is the final spotlight of the year.  2018 has great things in store for…

What’s your name?

Ray Johnston

Describe your first work out here at Crossfit High Voltage:

I remember walking into High Voltage and thinking, “damn everyone here is beautiful and in good shape. And the guy next to me has some amazing one liners ( Dan Crawley). I don’t remember the workout but I remember that there were toes to bar and pull-ups so I was super thrilled.

Before joining High Voltage, when did you know something had to change?

I started my fitness journey about 15 years ago when I was overweight … about 100 pounds overweight and my sisters and I decided to lose the weight together. We are identical triplets and when people started referring to us as the “piglets” instead of the triplets I thought it might be a good time to start exercising 😂

Describe your most memorable CrossFit Experience so far.

My most memorable moment at Crossfit so far at Crossfit High Voltage was hitting a muscle up post surgery for my shoulder. Doctors told me I would never have full mobility again much less be able to hit a muscle up or anything overhead.

Outside of High Voltage, what kind of work do you do? Give yourself a plug!

Outside of HVCF I work in IT. I manage 4 very well known accounts. I sit at a desk all day so Crossfit seems to help me relieve some stress after a long day in front of the screen.

How has getting in shape changed your professional life?

Getting in shape has helped me be able to stay very alert at work but it has also helped prevent any back issues from sitting so long. About 90 percent of my staff has lower back pain from not exercising and just sitting around. Crossfit has definitely helped strengthen my core and my back

Tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join High Voltage.

Sex Life!!!… just kidding.. kind of :-).. but seriously.. I have learned not only to be more focused but I have learned the value of friendship at High Voltage. I have met some amazing Training partners and friends that have taught me how to have fun and not be so hard on myself mentally and physically. Between competing and two surgeries I can be a little hard on myself but a few of the ladies at the box have really helped me see the light of day. “Dizzle” and Jacks ( Jackie Crawley).. thank you both ladies for texting me nonstop pre and post op for my surgery this year … and thanks Dan for keeping my setbacks light with jokes.. Courtney Bradley has also been super awesome with keeping me focused at the box. Best friend and baby training partner. Showed up every week pre and post surgery and helped me through every setup and high-fived me through every victory.

When have you used CrossFit outside of the box?

I used Crossfit outside of the box recently scaling a wall to avoid a coyote.. nothing makes you “muscle up” onto a wall faster than a little wildlife you weren’t expecting .. even with wine in my system. My coaches would have been proud!

Who is your most idolized fellow community member?

Dan Crawley.. not a butt kissing moment . The dude works a full time job .. runs the box with Chico.. programs and still manages to have time for his wife and somehow can still talk smack to me while we are in the middle of a WOD. I also have to throw in Bryan Felix. He was my motivation to get back in the box seeing him come back from his shoulder surgery. The boy is killing it with his high school team and works full time and it back bigger and better than before !

What is your one year or next CrossFit goal?

My goal is to win my physique Comp in May. Coming back from a horrendous recovery form a shoulder surgery, Achilles I hurt ancervical ribs issue… I plan on keeping my Comp training strictly Crossfit and losing the weight (53 pounds) for my class. I have been down for awhile but super stoked to be back. I also want to hit all of my old Olympic lifting PR’s pre-surgery. It takes time but I like being the tortoise and not the hare for stuff like this..I hit a 130 hang clean this week so I’m hoping to hit my old 165 hang clean by February!!

What is your favorite & least favorite movement or WOD?

My least favorite movement…box jumps. I know it sounds ridiculous but they scare the hell out of me. At 5’3” and not exactly the lightest girl in the world… I’ve taken my shins out a few times when I first started. I still do this weird little wiggle thing with my legs before I jump

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Jack Daniels with a Coorslight and a giant steak and potato.. I’m from Boston.. we love a good steak!

If you had to describe CFHV in one sentence:

CFHV is my second home and my sanity