Five “Ps” for your New Year

Five “Ps” for your New Year

Five “Ps” for your New Year

From the entire staff at CrossFit High Voltage, we’d like to wish you all a happy 2018!

CFHV was one of the very first CrossFit gyms to open in Los Angeles, so we’ve always been ahead of the curve in innovating fitness for all.  As we head into our 10th year, I have big plans to continue that tradition of service and make your experience better than ever.

New Year’s Day is a day of optimism and looking ahead with all the hope for a bright future. It’s also the first day of tackling some of those goals we set for ourselves.

Today I wanted to share something that I came up with that helps me reach my goals. I call them The Five “Ps”.

  • Planning is mapping the goal out and considering all the variables to achieve it.
  • Process is completing the steps from my planning and their repeatability to learn what is effective.
  • Persistence  is the grit & hard work to continue the process, without becoming discouraged or quitting in the face of challenges along the way.
  • Power is talent. Using what comes naturally to me as tools to assist with the parts I struggle with.
  • Patience is knowing that I followed the steps above and giving the time to let the results reflect the reality- however long it may take.

So there you have it!  What are you goals and how will you begin 2018? Try using my formula and believe in your ability to achieve great things for yourself and others.

Only 2 weeks left in this cycle, so we’ll be seeing some tests along the way. Then our CF Games Open prep cycle begins as we lead into the most exciting time of the year!

Have a great week!