The BEST time of year is coming!

The BEST time of year is coming!

The BEST time of year is coming!

No, it’s not Christmas…that’s already over!

If you’ve only been here with us at CFHV for less than a year, you may wonder what all the rumblings are you might’ve been hearing lately about the Open.

What’s the Open anyway? …open what? …does it involve a door?

No, but it is my favorite time of the year.  It’s The CrossFit Games Open!

Although it doesn’t begin until February 22, registration opens starting THIS Thursday, January 11!

If this isn’t as exciting to you as it is to me, then you might be unfamiliar with exactly what the CrossFit Games Open is, so let me shed some light on the subject:

The process for qualifying for the CF Games that takes place each year in July begins a worldwide in house competition called the CrossFit Open.

Every Thursday for 5 weeks, CF HQ releases a WOD that hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters all over the world participate in and log their scores.

This allows you to see where you stack up against all of the other athletes in the world, no matter what your ability level is including a scaled division- so literally everybody can participate!

The best part is that every Friday for those 5 weeks we host a “Friday Night Lights” at CFHV where we all come together to do the WOD.

It’s a great opportunity to add a little more intensity to your daily workout and enjoy a spirited competitive environment, but still within the safety and support of a welcoming community!

Still not pumped? I’ve prepared a FAQ about the Open & FNL:

Why would I do the Open? I am not going to Regionals/Games, and I probably won’t even do that well around the world.

Some of the biggest benefits of the Open come after participating in.  Every single person has surprised themselves each year, and surpassed any expectation of what they thought they were capable of.

Sometimes we’re scared of putting ourselves out there or failing, but when you see that you performed better than thousands of other people in the world, it provides an incredible amount of perspective as to our actual abilities and progress.

Whether you end up internally frustrated with your performance or not, if you complete the Open you will have the satisfaction that you put in the right effort and got the solid result of that effort. The frustration is replaced with the feeling of accomplishment.

When you see the amazing energy, camaraderie, fun themes, and great community building of our FNL events, you can’t help but want to be part of it!

This seems too serious for me.

It is serious if you are headed to the Games. Otherwise it’s just a way of having small fitness goals, working hard, and being a part of a great community for really fun events every Friday for 5 weeks.

…did somebody say FUN?

No, really, it is. At CFHV we dedicate every Friday to the Open workouts for all members. We assign heats, we print score sheets, we assign counters – we make it a big deal. But we also keep it fun.

We chant songs and we dance goofy. We have a DJ & sponsors every week. We have themes & dress up. It immediately bonds us because it feels like we’re going to battle together in a light hearted way.

We’re all nervous, but when we hear that clock beep as it counts down and look around to see all of those who are supporting us, it’s our buy-in to the team and we know we’re not alone.

It roots us deeper into our community. You know they’re willing to give it their all and possibly fail or possibly triumph, and if they can…so can you!

More details to come and the official link to our CFHV registration page later this week.

Don’t forget that this is the FINAL week of this cycle. We test our snatch on Tuesday, along with “Isabel” to wind down this 8 weeks.  Our Open prep cycle starts next week!