NEW program starts today- it’s game time!

NEW program starts today- it’s game time!

NEW program starts today- it’s game time!

Well, we’ve just put to bed one of the most challenging & intricate cycles of programming in a while. How’d it go? Check out the once again filled up PR board- and that’s just in 8 weeks!

This was all the while facing the temptations of the holiday season, whether they be food, extra rest, or complete periods of absenteeism from training. So, pretty impressive!

Hopefully by now you’ve all shaken off the haze of the holidays and are focused and ready to tackle the year and your next goals.

…so what’s next?

The CrossFit Games Open is just 5 weeks away, and it’s a BIG time of year not just for CFHV, but every gym in the world. It’s just about the most fun you could ever want to have, and it’s pretty darn special around here.

A lot of that fun comes from the commeraderie that happens in the face of pushing ourselves at those Friday Night Lights during those 5 weeks.

Well, this year I’m going to do something we’ve never done before. The cycle that starts today will be an entire cycle that specifically focuses the daily program on preparing for the Open.

I composited the last 7 years of Open WODs and boiled them down, ran the math, did the science, and now I’m bringing you the results- and it’s going to be awesome!

I can promise that if you come regularly for the next 5 weeks you WILL be ready. Not just ready, but you’re going to crush it!

So what to expect? Most of the heavy weights will decline, as we focus on metabolic conditioning & energy system training. We’ll also be focusing on the movements most commonly seen in the Open, and how they are typically paired.

Our format will be similar to before, but absent of a progressive strength cycle. Instead in it’s place will be progressive couplets (two movements) or triplets (three movements).

Our Oly training on Tuesday, rather than focusing on one lift for 8 weeks, will instead feature a different lift each of the weeks.  What we’ll be doing with them is working barbell cycling & complexes of similar lifts.

The primary movements we will focus on for each day break down like this:

Mondays: thrusters & pull-ups
Tuesdays: Oly barbell cycling & complexes
Wednesdays: shoulder stability & core development, progressing to hspu & t2b
Thursdays: mixed modal work & kettlebell energy system training
Fridays: weeks 1-5 will be back squats & functional body building, along with partner WODs

…what about weeks 6-8 on Friday?

They’ll be our first 3 Friday Night Lights! 18.1 will kick things off on February 23.

So there you have it. I’m really excited about this one.  I sent the program to the coaches about 2 weeks ago, and judging from the feedback I’ve gotten, they are PUMPED!

A happy coach, is an inspired coach, is an effective coach…and every single one of you will reap the benefits this cycle.

See you out there!