NEW Program, NEW Coach!

NEW Program, NEW Coach!

NEW Program, NEW Coach!

Today I’m very proud to announce a program that has been a long time coming here at CFHV.  I’ve been working behind the scenes for some time to get it all just right before it was presented to all of you.

Why? Because it’s quite literally the MOST important aspect of your training. More important than how fast you are. More important than how strong you are. Even more important than how much gear you have!

It’s SO important that I’ve officially hired a NEW Coach just to focus specifically on helping all of you get it in check.

Ok, so what is it? Let me turn it over to CrossFit High Voltage’s new official Nutrition Coach, Arielle Zieja!

“Nutrition! Everyone likes to talk about it, but few people actually like to do anything about it. Let’s face it, though. When it comes to your health, nutrition is key. If you don’t have it dialed in, your whole health and lifestyle will suffer.

…but nutrition info is incredibly conflicting- everyone has their own take. So who do you trust?

That’s why I’m here to help you weed through the info. My approach to nutrition is different. It’s functional and integrative. In other words, I believe there is no one right way of eating for every person.

I look at your body as a whole system that needs nutritional support, not just a calories in, calories out calculator. My mission is to help you achieve your best health by finding the right way of eating for your body, genetics, lifestyle, and goals.

Members of CFHV are amazing – I see you crush your goals every day. I’m so honored that CrossFit High Voltage has allowed me to come in and be a support system for you.

Most of all, I’m excited for you to experience the power of real nutrition in your athletic performance and your life! I can’t wait to talk to you about your nutrition needs and goals.”

Pretty cool. I’m pumped for this!  To kick things off we’ve put together a FREE Nutrition Infographic handout for ALL CFHV members! Just come on by the office and ask any of the staff for one.

It has all the basic info to get you started improving your habits, AND all of the new tiers we’ll be offering for Nutrition Coaching including:

  • body fat testing
  • private consultation
  • private Facebook groups
  • recipes
  • meal plans
  • lifestyle & supplementation
  • and MUCH more!


Schedule this Weekend:

FRIDAY @ 7pm: Community Night Out @ Barney’s Beanery Burbank!

Saturday @ 8am: Firebreather’s Class (advanced & requires test-in)
Saturday@ 9am: CrossFit Kids
Saturday @ 9am: Shred Sesh
Saturday @ 10am: CrossFit Sparx (final class of this cycle. NEW cycle starts February 10!)
Saturday @ 10am: Olympic Drills for Skills
Saturday @ 11:30am: Open Gym
Sunday @ 10am: Energizer Long WOD