Role Models

Role Models

Role Models

What a great picture of our momWOD crew! They are definitely the most consistent group we have here at CFHV, rolling 17-20 deep every single class.

They recently got their very own shirt designed by Amber Terrell who is a staple in this crew, and they rocked them with pride on Friday to show their spirit.

Wanna know another way they are showing their pride, being consistent, AND rocking it?

There are more of them than any other class time already signed up for this year’s CF Games Open, and I’m SUPER proud of them!

In just under 3 weeks the first WOD will be released and our first FNL will happen.  CFHV needs you all to follow the great example of these strong women & men and sign up at to represent us!

The Open is the most fun time of the year, and it gives us all a chance to push each other to be our very best selves surrounded by the support of an amazing community.

There are RX and scaled divisions available, so everybody can be included- no matter their ability level. It’s all about inclusion, and we’re here to make sure you’re physically & mentally ready for this.

You can see who’s already officially signed up on the whiteboard.  We want to get that number to at least 60, so grab your friends and make a pact. Sign up together, have a fun little competition if you want, and most importantly encourage each other!

Let’s have a great week of training and keep smiling. The biggest month of the year is almost here!