Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Way back in August I put the call out for anybody who was interested in ITP.

…what’s an ITP?

It’s our Instructor Training Program, and there hadn’t been one in 4 years. There are many reasons why, but one of the most important is what a commitment in both time and study that it is. It’s important to me to always provide to you all the very best coaching staff not just in Burbank, but any gym.

While anybody can open a CrossFit gym with a weekend Level 1 Certification from CFHQ, our ITP program takes nearly 9 months to complete- and even longer depending on the person. The fact is, there is no “right” amount of time to become a coach. It’s a personal journey with many challenges, and the pace is often determined by the audacity, grit, & ambition of the individual.

I’ve been personally working with 10 students for the better part of 6 months along with Coach Bryan to put them through the rigors of the first phase in the process. It has involved weekly meetings with extensive lectures & studies, along with hours of practical application with each other.

There were also homework assignments and further research required, along with an expectation of consistency in attendance- regardless of other obligations. I put a lot of pressure on them to not only complete each of these things, but excel at them.

From their 50 question written final exam, to their individualized real-time practical exam, to their warm-up programming assignments, they were always held to the standard of 80% as a passing grade or better.

…why 80%?

Because frankly I don’t want any coaches that are a “C”. C is average, and every one of the members of CFHV deserve better than the average coach.

I am SO proud of this group for all of the effort they put in, the great attitudes, the trust, loyalty, and willingness to learn. Some are natural coaches- it’s in their nature and it showed. Others had truly extraordinary transformations, and surprised even themselves by finding an inner voice and confidence.

I’m a little sad to say that phase one has come to and end, and I’ll miss those weekly meetings on Thursday nights. What that means though is something pretty cool…

The journey began with Hope Ressler, Arielle Zieja, Brittany Berryman, Jessica Beck, Ben Dukes, Dorys Vega, Andrew Worsham, Antonio Pontarelli, Jonny Kubicki, & Dionisio Vega.

Starting in a week or two, some of those people are going to move onto the next phase: shadowing. It’s the next part of the path to becoming a coach, and will present plenty of it’s own challenges.

It means you’ll start seeing some of these people in class with you as they help out the head coach. They might be moving equipment, demonstrating a movement for the coach, cheering you on during your WOD, and most importantly giving you some tips to help improve your technique and keep you safe.

Please welcome them with open arms. Those who’ve made it to this point have worked really hard and have earned the right to be out there. This is the part where the relationships are built and they get to put all that diligence to work.

In time I know we’ll have some great new coaches to add to the team and enrich your experience, and I look forward to that day for all of us.