Another WOD down, and another amazing weekend of triumphs!

You guys all really brought it on 18.2, and I’m so proud of our gym. My favorite part of every week is Friday morning when the videos and social media posts start showing up as you begin giving the week’s WOD everything you’ve got.

There was no shortage of excitement this week, as we got to see so many of you hit those big cleans in 18.2A- some of you even hitting a PR!

Honestly, to be able to hit around 90% of your 1 rep max after putting in all of that work on 18.2 is unbelievably admirable, but to see all the PRs is just incredible.

Sure, our programming prepared us for this…but the intangible element, the special energy in the air, the support of your friends…that’s what really pushes things over the top.

Another thing that I’ve loved seeing is the ability of you all to hold the standard of our gym, and the CF Open. We don’t want to be posting scores to the leaderboard, and as a gym we don’t want to ever validate an illegitimate or questionable score.

The only way to maintain our integrity is to make sure every rep is good. This isn’t training, it’s testing! I know sometimes it’s tough to get that “no rep” called in the heat of the moment, but it happens to us all.

Brush it off, do the rep over, and continue. No reason for it to get in your head. Holding the standard is what makes us who we are and builds our character. Let it define you in all things in life.

There’s an old saying that I like, “how you do anything, is how you do everything”. It means what we do when nobody is looking or when we think it doesn’t really matter is just as important as if all eyes were on us.

It’s a great characteristic that will carry through to influence every aspect of your life.

That being said, I want to commend those of you who we may have had to ask to re-do your Open workout. Sometimes we just can’t validate the score if we see in person or in video the standards not being met appropriately.

You’ve all handled it with kindness and grace, and it’s shows what exemplary character you’re made of. I know for a fact it’s no fun to do these workouts again when you weren’t expecting to- so thank you!

Thank you all for holding the standard, and maintaining the integrity of CFHV.

What now?  First off, you MUST enter your scores by 5pm on Monday or it doesn’t count! HQ makes no exceptions, so make sure to go to scroll down, and click the “submit scores” button.  Enter your score, your affiliate, your judge, and the final split time.  Trust me, you don’t want to forget!