Time to Rebuild

Time to Rebuild

Time to Rebuild

Ok, so I touched on what comes next in Friday’s blog. If you missed that, check out Part 1 here: http://www.crossfithighvoltage.com/2018/03/29/whats-next-2/

Any time the Open ends, it’s a time of rebuilding.  Unless you’re going to Regionals, now is when we go back to basics and assess our weaknesses.

One of the biggest challenges many of us have is balance.  We’re right-handed, left-handed, have a “good arm” or stronger side.  Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, correcting and equalizing your imbalances is imperative- not just to success as an athlete, but for the longevity & safety of your body.

That’s why this 8 week cycle will be focusing on uni-lateral movements exclusively.  We’re going to take the time to assess and correct all of our imbalances so that we can be stronger, better, & faster than ever before.

As per usual, M/W/F will be geared toward progressive strength cycles, Oly on Tuesdays, & energy system training on Thursdays.

That isn’t to say that those days are exclusive to those items, that will just be the focus.  The program is designed for you to be able to come every day if you want to and not burn out or over train.

The primary movements we will focus on for each day break down like this:

  • Mondays: Barbell Reverse Lunges & upper body horizontal pulling
  • Tuesdays: Cleans
  • Wednesdays: Bulgarian Split Squat & upper body horizontal pressing
  • Thursdays: (EST) favoring running
  • Fridays: Sumo Deadlift & functional bodybuilding

If you like some of the more unorthodox movements, core work, & strong man, then Fridays are a great day for you. Rope climbs, tire flips, GHD training, & more can all be found there and on Saturdays at strongWOD @ 10am.

Monthly Challenge Returns:

The last thing I should mention is that each month we will be bringing back the monthly challenge.  While our regular programming will prepare you for Murph at the end of the cycle, that little bit of extra goat work makes a big difference.

This Challenge will actually run for 2 months to lead right into MURPH.

  • Complete 2-3 days per week, preferably after class.
  • Choose any rep scheme to begin with that is manageable for you, and add from there.
  • Week 1-2: 100m run, 6 min EMOM, 100m run. Week 3-4: 200m run, 9 min EMOM, 200m run. Week 5-6: 400m run, 12 min EMOM, 400m run. Week 7-8: 800m run, 15 min EMOM, 800m run.
  • Choose an ascending amount of reps for pull-ups (or ring rows), push-ups, & air squats.
  • For example; Week 1-2: 1 pull-ups, 2 push-ups, 3 air squats. Week 3-4: 2 pull-ups, 4 push-ups, 6 air squats. Week 5-6: 3, 6, 9. Week 7-8: 4, 8, 12.

That’s it! Try to be consistent. Even once per week will make a big difference when Murph comes.

18.5 Album:

If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to have a look at all of the awesome photos & memories for our final FNL by our resident photog, Melissa Arredondo!

You can see all the goods right here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/cfvolts/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1351820328251310