Spring Training

Spring Training

Spring Training

strongWOD Returns:

This class implements things that are more like what you’ll encounter in real life.  Lifting odd objects, asymmetric and unilateral exercises (one side at a time), and myriad of other cool new ways to move!

Sandbags, yoke carries, farmer’s carry, sled pulls, prowler pushing, tire flips, Atlas stone, sledgehammer, the list goes on…and don’t forget you get to enjoy the awesome SoCal Spring outdoors more with this class!

Somebody asked me what muscles get worked the most during strongman type training…the answer may surprise you.

The muscles you will see the biggest change in…the place where you’ll start to notice new definition…the place you feel those gains?

Your abs!

That’s right!  strongWOD exercises are all about that midline stabilization.  Every type of human movement should be core to extremity to deliver the most efficient power…and who doesn’t want their summer abs?

This class will run for 7 weeks, starting THIS Saturday, April 7 @ 10am in our Specialty Class Slot. It will have it’s final class May 19th- just in time to rest the following weekend before Murph.

Firebreather’s Class Returns:

THIS Saturday, April 7 @ 8am, the fire is BACK! I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces- but how about some new ones?

If you’ve been thinking about taking on the infamous “Trial by Fire” WOD that tests you into this class, now’s a great time! Get in on the fun now that it’s back.

Spartan Team:

Our CHFV Spartan team has been hard at work! They’ve been diligently training doing their extra credit work each weekend with Coach Derrick over at Burroughs High School.

Never done an obstacle or mud run and always wanted to try? Don’t want to go it alone and need a super cool group of fun people to train with and support you?

Join in on our Spartan team and let the fun begin! The next race is Saturday, April 28 at the Rose Bowl. Just come talk to me, Coach Bryan, or Coach Derrick, and we’ll get you all set up.

Schedule This Weekend:

  • Saturday @ 9am: Shred Sesh
  • Saturday @ 9am: CrossFit Kids
  • Saturday @ 10am: strongWOD returns!
  • Saturday @ 10am: CrossFit Sparx (FINAL class in this cycle)
  • Saturday @ 11:30am: Open Gym
  • Sunday @ 10am: Energizer Long WOD