Building Grit

Building Grit

Building Grit

Today we get into the nuts & bolts, the bread & butter, the grind, the hard work…you get the picture.

The first 2 weeks of our cycle has been uni-lateral (one side at a time) work primarily to prime us and assess our imbalances.  It’s a chance to see where we have “sticky spots” or are weaker in general, so that we can take that knowledge and now apply it to what’s next.

What is next?

Now we will go into the proper strength cycle portion of our lifts for this programming cycle.  The lifts will generally remain consistent for the next 6 weeks, much like we’ve seen previously with our strength cycles.  The difference here is that you’ll see that consistency across the whole week, rather than just on one day for one lift.

What’s it going to look like?

  • Mondays: Barbell Back Rack Reverse Lunges (glutes & hamstring) & upper body PULL
  • Tuesdays: Olympic Weightlifting (cleans)
  • Wednesday: Bulgarian Split Squat (quads & glutes) & upper body PRESS
  • Thursday: Energy System Training (alternating aerobic & anaerobic weeks)
  • Friday: Functional Bodybuilding, Core, & Sumo Deadlift

You’ll see variation in our upper body pull & press training, as well as our Friday strength work.  Our movements for M/Tu/We will stay consistent for the rest of this cycle.  We’ll be adjusting things like tempo (speed), volume (reps), load (weight) to keep it interesting though.

We’ll also transition this week into our next phase with the clean.  We’ve had two weeks to work the hang position, and I’ve seen huge improvements in everybody’s full extension & speed under the bar.  Now we’ll work on navigating the knee into the second pull & working on power from the ground.

On the energy system front, we’re still in the “accumulation” phase, which means long time domains for our aerobic training, and short & powerful repeats for our anaerobics.  We still have 2 more weeks of this before moving onto the “intensification” phase.

Think of your aerobic system as a pyramid.  You want a BIG base on your pyramid to support everything above it.  What that means for your energy systems is that you need to have an excellent aerobic capacity and ability to go long before you can hone it into your WODs.

This doesn’t just mean being able to do things like cycling, running, or rowing at an aerobic pace.  It means being able to do things like wall balls, kettlebell swings, muscle-ups, toes to bar, handstand push-ups, and other skill based movements aerobically.

It’s all going to take a little grit.  That’s one of my favorite words. It means your “passion for a long term goal, coupled with a powerful motivation to achieve your respective objective”.  It’s how well you can persevere.

We all have times where we feel as though we weren’t able to live up to our own expectations. Often times as coaches we will see people “double down” their efforts and begin to train even harder!

Doing extra before or after class, or following a program they find online thinking that “more is more” or if they follow the program of a Regional or Games level athlete, that they too can achieve more.

The reality is that those programs were written specifically for those athletes, who’s job it is to train and eat and sleep. It’s very intentional, supervised, tracked, & monitored. Without the proper on-site support, increasing your training often just leads to injury and further disappointment.

You’ll see that any professional athlete post competition (in this case the Open) goes back to basics, drastically reduces the intensity & volume, and focuses on balance, absolute strength, skills, & motor control.

…and guess what?  That’s exactly what we’re doing!

It isn’t always sexy, and it isn’t always the really exciting part of training, but it’s the work that must be done to earn reaching your true potential.

We’re here to help guide you, so let’s have a great week!