One of a Kind

One of a Kind

One of a Kind

When somebody special comes into your life, you might say they’re one in a million, but with nearly 8 billion people in the world, that means there’s still a lot of special people out there.

This week we have to say goodbye to one of those special people, but she’s definitely one of a kind. If you have the pleasure to know Ally Rennell, then you already know that there is nobody else quite like her. She’s sure to leave an impression, and she’s probably one of your favorite people like she is mine.

She came to us around 4 years ago by way of Boston- which you also probably figured out if you know her. She was already a pretty great athlete, but what an amazing transformation and amount of growth I’ve had the pleasure to witness blossom over those years as her friend & coach.

She may come staggering into class just moments before it starts, mismatched socks, or more than likely- no shoes or socks at all. In like a tornado, then poised like warrior. She can snap into focus on a moments notice and dig deep to put on some truly inspiring athletic performances.

In between crushing WODs, tossing around heavy weights, and repping out muscle-ups there is always her unmistakable wit, sarcasm…and cussing.  Lots and lots of cussing & colorful humor- but that’s part of what’s so endearing about her. You can’t help but love her!

She can also be very sincere & thoughtful, and is always fair and honest. She’s an amazing writer- not just in her day job, but also writing beautiful poetry for a book to be published one day.

On Saturday we had our last chance to train with her in the advanced Firebreather’s class, and it was great to have a big crew to send her off like she came in. Sure, there were a couple of misty eyes in the house, but Ally’s big, warm smile was like a reassuring hug from a dear friend.

Her final day training here at CFHV will be this Wednesday, so make sure to wish her well and say hello when you see her! She’s headed north to Portland first, and then back to her beloved Boston for a while.

She promised she’ll be back to visit in August, and told me that she’ll be doing the CF Games Open every year at CFHV for life. So this isn’t goodbye…it’s until next time!