A great weekend

A great weekend

A great weekend

What a great weekend it was indeed!

Our two competitors did us proud and gave their full effort to represent CFHV at the Battleground Socal Competition. How did they do?

Brittany & her partner Raquel pushed hard in every event to nab a 7th place finish! That’s incredibly impressive considering they shared their division with a number of CrossFit Games athletes, including Val Voboril. Both of them also nailed 180# cleans in their floater event! Brittany’s shirt says it all: strong af. That goes for all of our women inside & out, and Brittany really demonstrated that spirit.

Leslie was participating in her first ever competition, and also doing it completely solo. That takes a lot of courage, especially when you consider she’s only been doing CrossFit for about a year. I’m so impressed with her spirit, smiles, and great attitude…and all of those things earned her a 2nd place finish for her division. What an incredible moment! She even had to persevere a 4th WOD once she crushed the first three to qualify. Amazing job, and she comes back to us now bitten by that competition bug.

Our CFHV Spartan Team: Coach Derrick & his co-captain Patrick Caneday, along with Matt Montante, Will Nichols, Jonny Kubicki, Artem Zaverukha, Liz Weglarek, Monica Karell, & Julie Desmeules finished their second race in the last six months. I love how tight nit this group has become and how consistent they are in training for these runs. They really take the spirit of functional fitness to heart and use it to participate in fun events outside the box….and they’re always ready to welcome someone new, so you should join them for their next run!

On the homefront, our CrossFit Sparx program started their next 8 week cycle, and we pulled out all the stops. They now have the use of the full gym floor, and it’s a good thing because it was a packed house. Our CrossFit Kids class also saw huge attendance as they continue their training, with two of them- Olivier & Aiden, headed to THEIR first CFK competition coming up in May at the Rose Bowl. Both of these programs are growing so quickly, and it’s really a great example to the greater Los Angeles community. We’ve already installed multiple satellite programs at local day cares and schools. Do you think your child’s school or daycare might benefit from one of our programs? We’d love to hear from you sooner rather than later!

strongWOD was a packed house yet again, and with the amazing weather we’re having, now’s a better time than ever to take advantage if you haven’t yet. We only have 3 more classes left in this strongWOD cycle, so what’re you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun, lift some stones, flip some tires, and carry some odd objects. You just might find you love it AND get a killer core that you can then use for literally everything else you’re going to do in life.

OK. So that’s it! Let’s have a great week as we head into week 5 of this cycle, which means we’re officially in the second half. See you out there!