BIG news: We are about to GROW!

BIG news: We are about to GROW!

BIG news: We are about to GROW!

Today I’m very pleased to be able to share some exciting news with you all that is going to greatly enrich our community and provide an incredible opportunity for us all to grow.

We talk about community all the time, and it’s definitely the thing that makes CrossFit so special.  I love seeing new faces, making new friends, and adding to our little family here. Each person that walks these doors I recognize as a unique case for helping to change a life, and improve the lives of those already here.

This is why it’s so special for me to be able to finally share with you all that our family is once again been given the gift to grow.

Over the course of the last few weeks, myself & Chico were able to finalize a deal that will allow Modern Viking Athletics to merge with CrossFit High Voltage.

It’s a beautiful change for a number of reasons. Many of you already are familiar with our friends & coaches over at MVA, whether it be from the great fluid relationship we’ve always had sharing a WOD with them, or all the way back to when some of them started out as members & coaches right here at CFHV.

I’ve always believed it was important to forge a loyal & trustworthy relationship with other local business owners and CrossFit gyms in our City, and that’s why this is such an easy fit to integrate our two communities.

The owner of MVA, Logan and I came up together as athletes and coaches, all the way back to the first ITP along with Coach Dizzle in 2011. We’ve worked together, competed together, and even joined forces before to represent CFHV & MVA as a team at the Dynamic Duo Competition in 2015.

MVA will be transitioning out of their current facility throughout the month of June, but expect them to begin joining our own home starting on June 4 just as we begin our next programming cycle.

I understand this merger may seem like it’s happening pretty fast, but we’ve actually been working on finding a way of creating this partnership for many years. When Logan first opened MVA in 2014, he asked me to join him in the venture. While I wasn’t ready at the time, I’m very proud of the amazing work he and his team have done to build their community from the ground up into the commendable gym they are now.

With both of us having built our respective homes, this merging of strengths is great news for both gyms & good for all of CrossFit in Burbank.

I know you will welcome their members with open arms and make them feel at home in our community, the same as you were welcomed when you arrived here.

As with any change, there is always some anxiety and questions associated, and I understand and empathize. I’ll be here to guide our coaches, staff, and all of you through the transition to make sure it goes smooth as silk!

CFHV’s existing classes, schedule, and coaching staff all remain unchanged.  You’ll just be seeing some NEW equipment, some NEW additional class times, and some NEW coaches to help give everybody the best experience possible.

…and let’s not forget lots of new faces to make friends and sweat together with!

One of the things that I pride our gym on is how welcoming we’ve always been to new people, visitors, & existing CrossFitters from all over the world. Please make it a point to introduce yourself to all of our new community members. Encourage them to partner up with you and let them know this is now their home the same as it is yours.

I’m so proud of all we’ve been able to accomplish together as we’ve continued to grow, and I couldn’t be more excited about this new exciting step for the future!