The Hula Hoop & The Tree

The Hula Hoop & The Tree

The Hula Hoop & The Tree

Periodically I like to revisit some of my thoughts from the past. One of my favorites to share is that which will follow.

With so many new faces this past week, I figured it’s a great time to share some of my training philosophy. Take it or leave it, but I hope you’ll find something you can empathize with or that helps you along the way in your training.

Let’s begin with…

The Hula-Hoop:

We all know the childhood toy of the hula-hoop.  You sling it around your hips and try to keep it from falling down by coordinating the gyration of your hip movement with the spin of the ring.

You’re pretty limited in the amount you can move, but as long as you stay within a small space, you’re safe.

Our “space” is our ring of safety. It has all of our tools & skills, and so it’s the place where we feel comfortable.  As long as we stay within it, we feel adequately prepared to handle our current situation and the regularly expected challenges.

…but what happens if we take a step forward?

We will encounter resistance as the hoop pushes back! Our instinct is to step back into our space to where we know we’ll feel safe.

If we retreat every time we encounter this resistance though, then we never have a chance move forward or to grow our space.

Think of that little push past the resistance as a way to widen your “hula-hoop”.  Your space becomes a little bigger…but now you’ve also taken that step forward.

As you’ve progressed, you’ve also been able to bring the safety of your space with all of your acquired skills & tools with you.

The next time you encounter resistance, you’ll know what to expect, how to prepare, and it’ll be a little easier.

How long should this all take though?  Well, let’s talk about:

The Tree:

You don’t just plant a seed and wake up the next day to find a tree. It takes many days of care and little steps.  Watering, sunlight, tilling the soil, proper nutrients.

There are many small investments over time, and it is consistency with that routine that is what it takes to grow something big!

Grabbing onto the tree and pulling on it’s trunk or branches won’t help it grow out of the ground any faster.  You’ll just damage it or maybe even break it.

The tree WILL grow on it’s own.  You just have to make sure to tend to it.

Ok, so at this point you’re hopefully putting these things together to see how they apply to not only your training, but many things in life.  I hope at least some of you had an “ah-ha” moment.

We’re going into week four of this training cycle.  Hopefully you can look back at the end of 8 weeks and see how much your “tree has grown”.  If you tended it consistently, and pushed back just a little each time you encountered resistance, you will see the results.

Over the course of your training, if you are diligent & patient with yourself, you will see your “hoop widen” and the tools & skills you bring with you into other movements will be magnified.

Have a great week!