NEW shirts!

NEW shirts!

NEW shirts!

Everybody loves a new shirt, and today I have one for you all!

To put a cap on the merger so we can all move on and focus on being a singular, unified CrossFit High Voltage, we thought the best way to honor the past, but embrace the future was…a shirt!

This brings together the branding of both gyms into one ultra cool logo. However, I want to mention that this is super limited edition. Just this pre-order, and that’s it.

You’ve seen the logo for the mixer party posters, it’s been floating around for a few weeks, but this is the fond farewell. Get yours so you can say you were there “back when”.

After this, it’s ALL CFHV, all the time. The same branding and logos we’ve always known and loved.

We’ve got them in blue or grey, and t-shirts & tanks for the fellas, or t-shirts & muscle tanks for the women.

Pre-sale is only until Friday, July 13. Then they’re gone forever!

Sign-up in the lobby, or order direct: