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The difference is in our Coaching.

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  • Party time!

    You guys our 1st Annual CFHV Mixer is here! When: THIS Saturday, February 6 @ 7:30pm-??? Where: Simmzy’s, 3000 W. Olive...

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  • I have been with CFHV for so so long, I am only accustomed to one kind of coaching.....the good kind! Since I moved away, I have been to two boxes.  I can only say that none of them comes even close to the excellent coaching at CFHV.
    The instructions, the programming, the coaches' attitude, the box's environment....the difference is evident. Props to all the coaches...You should be proud of what you all built.  I am specially proud to have been part of it!
  • The great team who manage and coach this facility impress me as people. They are great teachers, and just as importantly, motivators, and they are very smart about it. I've worked at gyms with trainers, which can give you results, but the energy here will help you see you goal faster, and likely, safer. I. Trust. Them. You can too :) ~Greg

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