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  • 18.4

    Rolling right into Week 4, we have the first appearance of a Benchmark WOD in “Diane”, followed by handstand walks also for the first time. Check it out! 18.4: 21-15-9: Deadlift (225/155#) Handstand Push-Up 21-15-9: Deadlift (315/205#) 50′ Handstand Walk Scaled: (135/95#) (185/135#), hand release push-ups, bear crawl We all had an opportunity just this week to work our deadlifts

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  • Member Spotlight: Alex Riegert-Waters

    What’s your name? Alex Riegert-Waters Describe your first work out here at Crossfit High Voltage: I came over from Crossfit Will Rise and was excited with the workouts and the size of the facility. Everyone was really nice, and I liked the option of having cardio fusion. I don’t remember what the workout was exactly, but I remember I liked

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  • Great Moments

    We’re officially over the hump, with three weeks down and two to go! As predicted, 18.3 was epic yet again. There were many more awesome moments, PR’s, and break-throughs at FNL. I personally got to witness John Rigelhof who thought he wouldn’t finish the first round of double-unders not only finish them, but also his overhead squat and get back

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