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  • 18.5

    For the first time ever an Open WOD was put up to the CrossFit Community and we were allowed to vote for the one we wanted. We knew what movements were left, we were pretty sure we’d see thrusters & pull-ups, and we hadn’t yet done a repeat. All of the options included these elements, so what did we get?

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  • Member Spotlight: Andre Vizcocho

    What’s your name? Andre Vizcocho Describe your first work out here at Crossfit High Voltage: My first workout involved Wall Balls and Burpees…and I was lying on the floor totally crushed after the WOD. Before joining High Voltage, when did you know something had to change? I was working out at a Globo gym and my progress just stalled after

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  • Playing Fair

    Here we go into the final week of the Open, but before we wrap things up let’s take a look back at 18.4. No doubt this one might have been a little frustrating for most of us. CFHQ, in a surprise move, changed up the way we measure for handstand push-ups this year. There has been a lot of hub-bub

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