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  • 18.1

    What are Will & Troy so excited about? Probably that they already got some practice in on their row for this week- It’s the first WOD of the 2018 CrossFit Games Open, and it’s finally here! Let’s get right to it! 18.1: 20 min AMRAP: 8 Toes to Bar 10 DB Hang Clean & Jerks 14/12 Cal Row RX: 50/35#

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  • Member Spotlight: Jordana Toback

    I can’t help but laugh with today’s featured member. She’s quite the character and always keeps me on my toes in unexpected ways. You’ll find her in our super solid momWOD class where she is always putting in her best effort and supporting her crew. She comes to events, works on her skills, sets goals and then gets them done.

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  • Videos Galore!

    I’m sure by now most of you have seen all the videos popping up all over Facebook & Instagram about why people are joining the Open. I put the call out on Friday, and YOU all answered. I’ve really loved to see all of your personal messages, and the stream of videos that keep coming about why you’re #intheopen. There’s

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